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Real-time wheel profile inspection with dinamic 3D measurement

There are numerous elements that the human eye cannot easily see. Machine vision technology is increasingly the most effective approach to find potential problems before they become failures.

Beneficios de Railway de Visio STT

Benefits of machine vision

Discover the countless benefits of Visio technology


Machine vision inspection systems provide comfort. Errors are not popular. To prevent issues from arising, it is important to plan ahead and have control measures in place, such as digital inspection cameras.

Your manufacturing lines will benefit from having machine vision in a variety of ways, including:

  • Dynamic rack analysis
  • Static rack analysis
  • Bolt-screw measurements
  • Traceability OCR reading system
  • VIN reading by OCR
  • Crack detection
  • Quality assurance
  • Robot Guiding
  • Component checker

What do turnkey solutions include?

Visio puts at your disposal the most complete solution

Turnkey sollutions

Core development

Algorithm design for a given need:

  • Pattern recognition (correlation, edge, shape descriptors, etc.)
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Classification by SVM (Support Vector Machines)
  • Neural networks
  • Stereo vision
  • Colour inspection
  • Blob analysis
  • Edge processing
  • Laser Triangulation
  • Sub-pixel contour extraction
  • MLP (MultiLayer Perceptron) classifiers
  • GMM (Gaussian Mixture Models) classifiers
Turnkey sollutions

Multiple technologies in play, hardware independet.

  • 2D, 1D cameras
  • 3D profilometers
  • Lasers
  • Sensors
  • Actuators
  • Etc
Turnkey sollutions

Efficient development through library integration

Turnkey sollutions

Full-scope engineering projects

  • Application design
  • Mechanical design
  • Electric design
  • Integration with local information system
Turnkey sollutions

Interface customization

  • Tailored to the customer to optimize the experience
  • Reporting and data export
Turnkey sollutions


  • Delivery and installation
  • User training
  • Remote technical support

Cases of success

See for yourself how Visio has helped make numerous projects successful

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